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"You can't build a legal practice on unethical service. You have to do good work and you have to care about your clients. If you don't, the rest will speak for itself."


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Reputable, Effective And Working For You

The most frightening aspect of the law is often the uncertainty. Criminal defense, bankruptcy and other legal issues can all lead to serious and life-changing situations. What an experienced attorney can give you, however, is an informed assessment of what will likely happen and how to take action.

The law is always the same, but service makes a difference.

Rest assured that when you work with the Law Office of Gilbert B. Vega, you will not be kept in the dark or be misled by your lawyer. You will have a direct attorney-client relationship through every stage of the process. Give us a call or send an email to learn more about how attorney Gilberto B. Vega can help.

Counsel For Life's Most Challenging Times

Attorney Gilberto Vega's passion for the due process of law, strong defense and the life-changing impact of second chances has made our firm a pillar in Sacramento County criminal defense as well as bankruptcy. Whether you are facing a traffic violation/DUI, a violent crime accusation or overwhelming debt, he can help you.

A Hopeful Outlook In Uncertain Situations

In most cases, there is a way to overcome the legal challenges ahead. At our office in Sacramento, California, we provide hope and opportunity to people facing some of the most intimidating and unexpected times of their lives. The charges against you do not have to be the end.

Call 916-426-2304 to set up a meeting or contact us online. A personal, confidential and informative consultation is just a phone call away.

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