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Drug crime accusations needn't ruin your future

If you are charged with a crime or facing other serious crime-related allegations, you may be unsure of what to do. For many accused of a crime, it is their first time and they are left wondering what to expect and what steps to take in response. For those facing drug charges, a strong criminal defense strategy is advisable to prepare oneself against criminal charges. This defense will tell your side of the story and present an opposition to the views of the prosecution.

Drug trafficking charges facing three Sacramento men

Working as part of a team can be a great way to work efficiently and achieve your goals. However, only teams that engage in legally acceptable behavior are worth being a part of. Recently, a group of Sacramento men were accused of co-conspiring in a drug trafficking scheme. They have officially been indicted in this alleged conspiracy and are facing several drug crimes.

Helping you assert a defense against drug charges

Facing a criminal charge is a stressful event. It can be shocking to an individual, as they cannot believe it just happened. It can also be overwhelming, as they are likely hearing viewpoints and opinions from various parties. It can be challenging to navigate this difficult time in life; however, it is possible to get through the criminal defense process by seeking legal assistance and guidance.

How can a drug diversion program impact drug crime accusations?

With all of the research on drug addiction and how it impacts the addict and their family, we know that addiction can be a tough obstacle to overcome. This is why treating the source of addiction and helping to rehabilitate drug addicts is so important to their long term recovery. Drug addiction can wreak havoc on a person's health and personal life. Drug addiction can also have criminal repercussions.

Diminish or discharge accusations related to drug crimes

If you have been accused of drug crimes, you obviously have an emotional investment in how the legal issue plays out. Ideally, one would want to diminish or discharge any accusations of drug crimes against oneself or a loved one. It is important to remember being accused of a crime is not equivalent to a conviction of said crime.

Police arrest man after discovery of large amount of marijuana

Marijuana has been in the news a lot lately, especially since many places in California have legalized not only medicinal marijuana, but marijuana for recreational use. However, marijuana in mass quantities or with the intent to distribute outside the terms of the law, is still prohibited. Recently, a man from a Sacramento suburb was arrested and found in possession of nearly 100 pounds of marijuana.

If arrested for drug crimes, what might be the specific charge?

Being accused of a drug crime can range in severity and impact depending on the situation. Some accusations of drug crimes are more mild, such as possession of paraphernalia or contraband, and some more serious, like intent to distribute.

Seven arrested and charged with drug crimes in nearby CA suburb

The police have the task of enforcing the laws of Sacramento, of California and of the country we live in. Laws are put in place in the hope of keeping people in the community safe and out of trouble. Sometimes, people break the law or engage in activities that could put them at risk with the law. Those people have a right to build a criminal defense against the charges they are accused of.

Thousands of marijuana plants seized in California

With the landscape of legal and illegal drugs changing rapidly, it leaves some wondering about the status of one drug in particular. Marijuana has been the subject of much discussion and research into its health benefits and the potential risk for user abuse. With more being learned about this drug, legislation is starting to come forward in the state allowing the legal sale and use of this drug, under special circumstances. However, it hasn't been completely legalized yet, with thousands of marijuana plants seized in Sacramento neighborhoods around the area.

Sacramento home alleged grow house, 3 arrested

With marijuana in different stages of legalization in a handful of American states, many are beginning to think it might not be long until marijuana is as legal as say, alcohol. However, while the mindset regarding marijuana may be changing, the laws, for the most part, have not. Several people were arrested in connection with a grow house in a Sacramento suburb, recently. The police allegedly seized an estimated $1.17M in marijuana in two homes in the area.

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