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Thousands of marijuana plants seized in California

With the landscape of legal and illegal drugs changing rapidly, it leaves some wondering about the status of one drug in particular. Marijuana has been the subject of much discussion and research into its health benefits and the potential risk for user abuse. With more being learned about this drug, legislation is starting to come forward in the state allowing the legal sale and use of this drug, under special circumstances. However, it hasn't been completely legalized yet, with thousands of marijuana plants seized in Sacramento neighborhoods around the area.

Sacramento home alleged grow house, 3 arrested

With marijuana in different stages of legalization in a handful of American states, many are beginning to think it might not be long until marijuana is as legal as say, alcohol. However, while the mindset regarding marijuana may be changing, the laws, for the most part, have not. Several people were arrested in connection with a grow house in a Sacramento suburb, recently. The police allegedly seized an estimated $1.17M in marijuana in two homes in the area.

Prescription drug crimes can carry serious consequences

When many people think of illicit drugs, they think of street drugs like heroin, methamphetamine or even marijuana. However, the impact of another category of drugs has been affecting our Sacramento communities. These drugs are what's known as prescription drugs, oftentimes opioids or painkillers. While abusing prescription pills can carry dangers for a person's health, they can also carry serious penalties with the law.

It's possible to reduce charges related to drug offenses

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Sometimes it is very easy to get caught up in something that isn't necessarily good for us and it can result in legal trouble. It's happened to many Sacramento residents when they are accused of drug crimes or related offenses. Many accused of drug crimes aren't familiar with the legal process or what could result with being charged with misdemeanor or felony drug offenses.

California bill would permit 'supervised injection centers'

When a person in Sacramento is addicted to drugs, such as heroin, they need help conquering their addiction rather than being charged with drug crimes. In fact, even if an addict is arrested on drug charges, he or she may continue to use drugs in the future. For this reason, some countries have provided citizens with "supervised injection centers." At these centers, which are sanctioned by the government, drug users are provided with a safe place to use drugs, where they can be assured that they will not be arrested for using drugs, and they can be provided with a measure of safety from an accidental overdose.

California Assembly passes bill on marijuana enforcement

Possession and use of marijuana may be legal in California in certain circumstances, but that hasn't closed the door on the issue of whether or not one can be charged with a drug crime involving marijuana in California. This is because, despite what California law says, marijuana use and possession is still against federal law.

Mandatory minimum sentencing for drug crimes may go up

Many Californians are familiar with the decades-old War on Drugs. The campaign included a push to incarcerate those who committed even minor drug crimes. However, policy has changed over time, and in recent years, the Justice Department sought to reform the way courts sentenced people convicted of drug charges. However, the new Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions, has ordered federal prosecutors to return to the harshest sentencing guidelines of the War on Drugs, including increased use of mandatory minimum sentences.

Police arrest three in reported drug bust

Sacramento residents most likely already know that being convicted of drug charges can have serious consequences. Depending on the type of drug and the suspected activity (such as the sale of drugs, the possession of drugs or the trafficking of drugs), it is possible that those accused of drug crimes could face incarceration, fines or both. In one recent incident, Vacaville police have placed three individuals under arrest after police found what they claim to be a large amount of several types of drugs in a Ford Bronco.

When is marijuana possession in California illegal?

Back in 2016, Californians voted to legalize the possession of marijuana in the state via Proposition 64. Although Proposition 64 legalized the possession of marijuana in California, there are a number of restrictions on this new right, the violation of which could lead to legal penalties.

Two men arrested in Sacramento area on drug charges

Criminal defense rights and protections are necessary for accused individuals to be familiar with. In a neighboring community northwest of Sacramento the Narcotics Enforcement Team recently arrested two individuals for allegedly distributing methamphetamine in the Sacramento region. According to authorities, they recently served a search warrant and found 10 pounds of methamphetamine, thousands of dollars and a firearm. A 48-year old man and a 24-year old man were both arrested. Both men are facing drug trafficking charges and one of them is facing additional charges as well.


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