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Prescription drugs could be the reason behind DUI charge

Prescription drugs are being noted now, more than ever, in relation to drug crimes. When people often think of drug crimes, they think of illicit drugs that you might buy on the street like cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine. However, prescription drugs can be just as dangerous as illicit drugs if abused or taken at an inappropriate time. They can result in drug crime-related charges too, even if you are prescribed the medication.

What is the potential negative impact of a DUI charge?

We have all seen the pulled-over drivers, the police's vehicle right up behind them with their lights flashing. I think we have all judged these people, automatically assuming that they are getting what they deserve, or that they are guilty of whatever crime the officer has pulled them over for. DUI penalties have gotten more intense in the last several years, in hopes of deterring those who are intoxicated from getting behind the wheel. However, we shouldn't be so quick to judge, especially when DUI's have more potential consequences than ever.

CA bill proposes treatment for veterans accused of 1st DUI

California is known for being quite groundbreaking in its legislation and laws, often passing bills or regulations that are the first of their kind in the legal world. One such bill recently proposed by a California state senator has been passed and signed into law by California governor, Jerry Brown. This bill aims at ensuring that disabled veterans arrested for a first-time DUI receive treatment instead of probation or jail time. For disabled vets now accused of DUI, this could be welcome news.

Law applies to Denver Broncos owner's son, accused of DUI in CA

No one is above the law. In theory, this is how the law should work, those living in an area should have to abide by the area's rules and regulations. Sometimes, regular Joes may think that they are the only ones who are required to obey the laws, however, that's not necessarily true. The son of the Denver Broncos owner was recently pulled over and charged with DUI during a traffic stop.

DWI/DUI checkpoints are legal in California

In the last decade or so, there has been a real increase in California patrols searching for intoxicated drivers. It's all in an effort to save lives and keep intoxicated drivers from being a danger to themselves or others. While their efforts may be justified, it still can be a serious situation when a Sacramento driver is charged with DUI/DWI. For those charged after a DWI checkpoint, you may be wondering if these checkpoints are even legal?

Were you impacted by Sacramento's 4th of July DUI enforcement?

Who doesn't love a holiday weekend? Friends, family and fireworks are often on the agenda over the 4th of July weekend. One thing isn't on the agenda, and that's drunk driving charges. If you or a loved one was arrested on DUI charges over the holiday weekend, read on.

What are the penalties for drunk driving in California?

Now that summer is in full swing, many Californians are going to the beach, barbecues, ballgames, and block parties. This also means that many Californians will have a drink or two at these events. However, police in California will be on the lookout this summer for those who they believe are drunk driving. This means that even if a person has only had a couple beers, glasses of wine, or cocktails, they could find themselves facing DUI/DWI charges. Therefore, it is important to understand what the penalties are for those who are convicted of drunk driving in California.

What are the consequences of refusing a breath test?

Many people in Sacramento over the past Memorial Day weekend spent their time at barbecues, parties, the beach, or other festivities that signal that summer is here. While at these events, they may have had a bottle of beer, a glass of wine, or a cocktail to help them unwind. However, on their drive home an entirely unrelated reason, such as a broken taillight, might have caused them to see red and blue lights flashing in their rear view mirror. In these situations, when an officer approaches and asks if you have been drinking, what do you say?

What motorcyclists should know about DUI charges

Memorial Day serves as an early kickoff to summer across the country. For Californians who ride motorcycles, it means a chance to enjoy the warm weather by taking a trip along the coastline or through a national forest. But, with warm weather comes cold refreshments, and a sometimes chilling reminder of the physical dangers and criminal penalties associated with drinking and riding.


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