About The Law Office of Gilbert B. Vega

Law Office of Gilbert B. Vega is a criminal defense and bankruptcy law firm serving Sacramento County and surrounding areas of Northern California.

Learn more about Sacramento attorney Gilbert B. Vega's professional background by following the link below or contact our office by email, or call 916-426-2304 to set up an appointment.

At Law Office of Gilbert B. Vega, we operate a small firm, built from the ground up through:

  • A dedication to each and every client: Service truly makes a difference in criminal defense. The law does not waiver, but the level to which your attorney investigates and brings to light small details can sway a case in your favor. Our firm is here to make sure you get the full service and aggressive defense you deserve.
  • A commitment to fair pricing and conscientious fees: The protection of your rights should not come with a hefty price tag. We are here to work with you to find a fee schedule that will get the job done right and not rob you of your family's financial stability.
  • A good reputation with clients and within the legal community: We have built a practice on ethics, integrity and a promise to do the very best we can. Our job means a great deal to our clients and to ourselves, and it shows in how former clients and peers view us.
  • A mission to help people above all else: The practice of law is about individuals. Attorney Gilberto B. Vega got into this line of work because of his belief in justice and due process. We believe in your case and we are here to work for you.

When I was younger, I knew someone whose life was truly changed when a public defender took on his case. It made me appreciate the impact that a lawyer can have on someone's life, and today I strive to continue that tradition.