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February 2017 Archives

Two men arrested in Sacramento area on drug charges

Criminal defense rights and protections are necessary for accused individuals to be familiar with. In a neighboring community northwest of Sacramento the Narcotics Enforcement Team recently arrested two individuals for allegedly distributing methamphetamine in the Sacramento region. According to authorities, they recently served a search warrant and found 10 pounds of methamphetamine, thousands of dollars and a firearm. A 48-year old man and a 24-year old man were both arrested. Both men are facing drug trafficking charges and one of them is facing additional charges as well.

The driver’s license repercussions of a California DUI arrest

A person getting arrested for drunk driving here in California triggers a lot of different processes. This includes an administrative process involving their license. In California, a DUI arrest generally triggers an automatic suspension of a person’s driver’s license.

What sentences can be given for assault in California?

When a person was in an altercation here in California with another, they don’t have to have been accused of having made violent physical contact with the other person to potentially face charges. This is because, under California law, an attempt to inflict physical violence can be a criminal offense, even if no such violence was ultimately inflicted.

Why you should challenge DUI charges, even when the evidence looks bad

If you have found yourself facing DUI charges, there is probably a lot on your mind. How will this affect your life? Will you have to go jail? How will your family react? What about your employer? These concerns may be further amplified when there seems to be strong evidence against you.


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