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The driver’s license repercussions of a California DUI arrest

A person getting arrested for drunk driving here in California triggers a lot of different processes. This includes an administrative process involving their license. In California, a DUI arrest generally triggers an automatic suspension of a person’s driver’s license.

Having one’s license temporarily suspended can have major impacts. These impacts could touch on many things for a person, including their job and their family.

So, given the license suspension process here in California, a person arrested for DUI in the state can be dealing with issues that touch on key aspects of their life very quickly after their arrest. So, major things can be at stake for a DUI suspect long before whether or not they are convicted is decided.

Now, there are actions that a drunk driving suspect may be able to take to protect their license in the face of an automatic suspension. There are avenues for fighting such a suspension through administrative hearings.

However, there are many time-sensitive aspects to challenging such a suspension. One example is that there is a 10-day deadline for requesting an administrative hearing after receiving a suspension order.

So, time can be a critical factor when it comes to protecting one’s license and responding to one’s overall legal situation following being arrested for DUI. So, when a person is accused of having driven while drunk here in California, how promptly they seek out the guidance of a skilled defense lawyer when it comes to the processes, including the administrative ones, the accusations have triggered can matter greatly.

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