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Two men arrested in Sacramento area on drug charges

Criminal defense rights and protections are necessary for accused individuals to be familiar with. In a neighboring community northwest of Sacramento the Narcotics Enforcement Team recently arrested two individuals for allegedly distributing methamphetamine in the Sacramento region. According to authorities, they recently served a search warrant and found 10 pounds of methamphetamine, thousands of dollars and a firearm. A 48-year old man and a 24-year old man were both arrested. Both men are facing drug trafficking charges and one of them is facing additional charges as well.

Drug charges, including drug trafficking charges, are especially serious charges and the potential penalties and consequences associated with drug charges are particularly serious. As a result, it is important for accused individuals to understand their rights and protections available through the criminal justice system. When authorities have failed to follow required procedures for the protection of accused individuals, it may be the basis for a criminal defense.

Individuals accused of a crime have the right to a criminal defense. A strong criminal defense strategy may be based on a challenge to witness statements, the evidence being used against the accused individual, the method of collecting evidence such as chain of custody concerns or if evidence was collected in violation of the accused individual's rights according to search and seizure protections.

Because an accused individual's future and freedom are on the line when facing criminal charges such as drug charges, it is important for them to be familiar with their criminal defense rights. Criminal defense protections are essential for accused individuals to be familiar with.

Source:, "YONET arrests two on drug-trafficking charges," Lauren Keene, Feb. 19, 2017

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