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March 2017 Archives

New mouth-swab test used to detect drugged drivers in California

With the legalization of marijuana in California, the drug is more accessible to those who want to use it. But, police will also be on a heightened lookout for impaired drivers. In fact, the city of San Diego will now be utilizing a new mouth-swab test when they pull a driver over on suspicion of operating under the influence of drugs. This new test will determine if the driver has marijuana or other drugs in his or her system.

When is marijuana possession in California illegal?

Back in 2016, Californians voted to legalize the possession of marijuana in the state via Proposition 64. Although Proposition 64 legalized the possession of marijuana in California, there are a number of restrictions on this new right, the violation of which could lead to legal penalties.

Marijuana and driving

Police have long utilized methods for field testing suspected DUI/DWI drivers for alcohol. Recent legalization, however, has raised new legal issues in California for determining whether a motorist is driving while impaired by marijuana. Law enforcement is seeking new methods to conduct field sobriety tests for suspected drivers.

California bill would fund a study on drugged driving

Now that it is legal to use marijuana for recreational purposes, some in California are concerned about drugged driving. Unlike drunk driving, where a person can perform a breath test or blood test to determine their blood alcohol content level, when it comes to drugged driving, there are no standard tests for determining if a person is too high to drive. But, one California Assemblyman, Jordan Cunningham, wants to change that.

Understanding the criminal law process

The criminal justice system can be intimidating for individuals who have been accused of a committing a crime. It is important, however, to keep in mind that the criminal justice system provides important protections for accused individuals. One protection is the right to a criminal defense. Preparing an effective criminal defense strategy can include a number of considerations such as if any of the procedures authorities were required to follow for the protection of the accused individual were violated, among other important considerations.


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