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Fighting against DUI/DWI license suspension with the right help

For many people in Sacramento, losing the ability to drive could be a disaster. They need to drive to get to work. If they have no transportation to work, they could lose their job. They need to drive to run errands, such as grocery shopping. Without being able to drive, obtaining these basic necessities can be incredibly difficult. Finally, they need to drive to visit friends or family. If they can't drive, these relationships could become strained.

For all these reasons, Californians naturally want to make sure they have a valid driver's license. However, should they be arrested or charged with drunk driving, they could find that their license to drive has been suspended, leading to all the aforementioned difficulties. After being charged with drunk driving, a person's main concern may be retaining their driving privileges.

Therefore, it is important that a person arrested or charged with drunk driving secure legal help. This is because it is possible that their driver's license could automatically be suspended. In fact, one's license could be suspended at least for a period of time, even if that person is not ultimately convicted of drunk driving.

However, there is a brief time period in which a person can ask for a hearing where they can contest the suspension of their driver's license. This is when having an attorney by your side can be pivotal in making sure you have a strong argument, so that an fair and appropriate outcome can be reached.

Attorney Gilberto B. Vega understands how important it is for his clients to preserve their driver's license. He is able to represent clients throughout the complex DUI/DWI license suspension hearing process, and beyond if necessary. Facing the possibility of losing your driver's license can be scary, but help is available.

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