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June 2017 Archives

California bill would permit 'supervised injection centers'

When a person in Sacramento is addicted to drugs, such as heroin, they need help conquering their addiction rather than being charged with drug crimes. In fact, even if an addict is arrested on drug charges, he or she may continue to use drugs in the future. For this reason, some countries have provided citizens with "supervised injection centers." At these centers, which are sanctioned by the government, drug users are provided with a safe place to use drugs, where they can be assured that they will not be arrested for using drugs, and they can be provided with a measure of safety from an accidental overdose.

Is standing on one leg really a good way to test for impairment?

Well, it's a pretty good indication of impairment, but it only works about two-thirds of the time. Even so, officials consider those odds good enough to make it one of the three tests that make up the Standardized Field Sobriety Test battery administered by officers here in California and across the country. In addition to the one-leg stand, the horizontal gaze nystagmus and the walk and turn tests round out the three tests that make up the SFST.

What are the penalties for drunk driving in California?

Now that summer is in full swing, many Californians are going to the beach, barbecues, ballgames, and block parties. This also means that many Californians will have a drink or two at these events. However, police in California will be on the lookout this summer for those who they believe are drunk driving. This means that even if a person has only had a couple beers, glasses of wine, or cocktails, they could find themselves facing DUI/DWI charges. Therefore, it is important to understand what the penalties are for those who are convicted of drunk driving in California.

How does the criminal trial process work in California?

Being accused of a crime can be a confusing and frightening situation. After all, one's very future and freedom may be on the line. While it is important to have a criminal defense attorney by your side in such situations, it can also help to have a basic understanding of how the criminal trial process works in California.

California Assembly passes bill on marijuana enforcement

Possession and use of marijuana may be legal in California in certain circumstances, but that hasn't closed the door on the issue of whether or not one can be charged with a drug crime involving marijuana in California. This is because, despite what California law says, marijuana use and possession is still against federal law.

Marijuana DUI? Now possible with new mouth-swab tests

California has been at the forefront of marijuana acceptance in the U.S., along with a handful of other states. However, even as the drug becomes more accepted in the mainstream, some concerns remain. Namely, how safe is it to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana or THC? And how would police departments test for the presence of the drug in your system?


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