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Guidance may be key when seeking to challenge DUI charges

A serious traffic offense can carry severe penalties that are often a hindrance to numerous areas of life. If you are facing charges for an offense such as driving under the influence of alcohol, if convicted, your driver's license might get suspended or revoked, and you may also be facing time behind bars.

Chances are, you might wish to combat the charges and protect yourself from potentially catastrophic consequences. Fighting DUI charges can be a challenging process to navigate alone, and you may find it beneficial to consider obtaining assistance for the road ahead.

Common defenses for drunk driving

With the potential weight of a DUI conviction, you might choose to protect your future by focusing on your defense in the initial stages of the process. When seeking to form a strong defense, one might have to evaluate the circumstances around the alleged incident, as well as the evidence. Some common defenses to allegations of intoxicated driving may include the following:

  • No probable cause: If an officer initiates a traffic stop without a reason, the lack of probable cause could be a viable option with which to challenge a DUI.
  • Field sobriety and breath tests: Although field sobriety and breath tests are a common tool to indicate intoxication, the results are hardly infallible, and may be contestable during court proceedings.
  • Tampering with evidence: If evidence, such as a blood test, is tampered with in any way, it may be inadmissible during subsequent proceedings, which may assist in reducing the charges you face, or even in a dismissal of your case.
  • Timing of arrest: In some cases, a person may be able to argue that his or her blood alcohol content was below the legal driving limit prior to the traffic stop and began to rise soon thereafter.

The laws concerning drunk driving may also differ from state to state, and if you are facing DUI charges, seeking guidance from someone who is knowledgeable of California state DUI laws could be exceedingly beneficial when weighing your options for defense.

Assistance in the process

You may consider your future to be of the utmost importance, and, subsequently, wish to avoid having a permanent mark on your criminal record. However, when seeking to challenge a traffic violation such as drunk driving, you might be uncertain of the best course of action to take moving forward.

With numerous crucial aspects to cover, you could consider obtaining legal counsel for guidance on making informed decisions throughout the process. A defense attorney can evaluate the charges against you, ensure that a violation of your rights did not occur in the process and assist you in pursuing the best possible outcome during court proceedings.

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