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August 2017 Archives

CA bill proposes treatment for veterans accused of 1st DUI

California is known for being quite groundbreaking in its legislation and laws, often passing bills or regulations that are the first of their kind in the legal world. One such bill recently proposed by a California state senator has been passed and signed into law by California governor, Jerry Brown. This bill aims at ensuring that disabled veterans arrested for a first-time DUI receive treatment instead of probation or jail time. For disabled vets now accused of DUI, this could be welcome news.

Defense strategies after a drug crime confession?

You have the right to remain silent, and anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Have you ever heard this phrase? Other than being popular on television dramas, it is part of the Miranda rights that should be spoken to every person who comes under arrest. Despite this, sometimes we do not remain silent. What if a confession or other recorded comment is being used against you or a loved one in which a person has been charged with a drug crime?

Prescription drug crimes can carry serious consequences

When many people think of illicit drugs, they think of street drugs like heroin, methamphetamine or even marijuana. However, the impact of another category of drugs has been affecting our Sacramento communities. These drugs are what's known as prescription drugs, oftentimes opioids or painkillers. While abusing prescription pills can carry dangers for a person's health, they can also carry serious penalties with the law.

Invoking your right to remain silent: It's not like in the movies

You may have a difficult time finding someone here in California who hasn't watched a movie or television show in which a person under arrest hears his or her Miranda rights. The words, "you have the right to remain silent" probably conjure pictures in your mind of someone being led off to a police car in handcuffs from your favorite movie or TV show.

Law applies to Denver Broncos owner's son, accused of DUI in CA

No one is above the law. In theory, this is how the law should work, those living in an area should have to abide by the area's rules and regulations. Sometimes, regular Joes may think that they are the only ones who are required to obey the laws, however, that's not necessarily true. The son of the Denver Broncos owner was recently pulled over and charged with DUI during a traffic stop.

DWI/DUI checkpoints are legal in California

In the last decade or so, there has been a real increase in California patrols searching for intoxicated drivers. It's all in an effort to save lives and keep intoxicated drivers from being a danger to themselves or others. While their efforts may be justified, it still can be a serious situation when a Sacramento driver is charged with DUI/DWI. For those charged after a DWI checkpoint, you may be wondering if these checkpoints are even legal?

Three tests used to measure the alcohol in your blood

You probably know your limits, and if you are attending a party or an evening out with friends, you are likely careful to pace yourself and stop drinking well before you get behind the wheel of a car. Nevertheless, police pulled you over, and you were shocked when you blew .08 on the breath test. Now you are facing an uncertain future.


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