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Law applies to Denver Broncos owner's son, accused of DUI in CA

No one is above the law. In theory, this is how the law should work, those living in an area should have to abide by the area's rules and regulations. Sometimes, regular Joes may think that they are the only ones who are required to obey the laws, however, that's not necessarily true. The son of the Denver Broncos owner was recently pulled over and charged with DUI during a traffic stop.

While the man resides in Colorado, he was passing through California when he was allegedly clocked at driving more than 100 MPH on California's Highway 101. Since he was speeding and weaving, Highway Patrol commented on the charges that when the man was pulled over, he explicitly mentioned to law enforcement that he was Pat Bowlen's son. However, that does not impact whether or not the man suspected of DUI is innocent or guilty of this crime and officials pressed on with their investigation of the vehicle.

California Highway Patrol allegedly found an open container of alcohol in the vehicle and charged the man with two misdemeanor drunk driving charges. In his statements to the police officers, he also mentioned that he was the "blood of the city" and a "friend of the mayor." While this may all be well and good, it isn't going to do much to help the man plan a defense against the DUI allegations and charges. The accused should think about how to best present a defense against these crimes as charged by Highway Patrol.

Trying to talk your way out of a DUI during a visit with Highway Patrol isn't always advisable. It is well within a person's rights to say nothing at all when charged with DUI. This may be a good strategy, especially when your comments can be placed on record. Those charged with DUI in California should be aware of their rights and the charges against them and may wish to speak with an attorney.

Source:, "Denver Broncos owner's son accused of DUI in California," July 31, 2017

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