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Prescription drug crimes can carry serious consequences

When many people think of illicit drugs, they think of street drugs like heroin, methamphetamine or even marijuana. However, the impact of another category of drugs has been affecting our Sacramento communities. These drugs are what's known as prescription drugs, oftentimes opioids or painkillers. While abusing prescription pills can carry dangers for a person's health, they can also carry serious penalties with the law.

By nature, prescription pills require a prescription, meaning a doctor or other licensed medical professional must have written a valid prescription for the pills one is recommended to take. If a person is found in possession of or is using prescription pills without a prescription, it could result in drug charges. There could be particularly severe penalties for those accused of intent to distribute prescription pills. With opioid addiction and abuse on the rise, Sacramento police are on the look out for these behaviors.

In recent years, prescription pills have become the drug of choice for many addicts. Even the most average looking person could be abusing prescription pain pills after becoming accidentally addicted, like after being injured in a car accident or a sports injury, for example. If arrested on suspicion of a prescription drug crime, it is within one's rights to stay silent and request an attorney to be present or assigned to your case. If the authorities find phony prescriptions in a person's possession, they could be facing even harsher accusations.

What led to the circumstances of the rise in popularity of prescription pills is complicated. However, prescription pills are seen as dangerous when used inappropriately or when they are abused. For those abusing prescription pills, one can seek help for their addiction. Legal consequences can be mitigated for those facing the law related to drug crimes in connection with their addiction.

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