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Mounting a strong criminal defense

Whether it is yourself, a loved one or close friend looking for guidance after being charged with a criminal offense, there are often lots of questions. For many, it is their first time being charged with anything of the sort and they are unfamiliar with the process and other aspects. For others, they may be wondering how any previous convictions could affect their current criminal charge. It is important to know that everyone has the right to present a criminal defense for the crime they are accused of committing.

The most important thing to remember is that everyone accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. Although it may not feel that way, it's important to remember that everyone has their day in which they can tell their side of the story. This is when a person will present their criminal defense strategy, whether it's an alibi, self-defense or under the influence strategy, to name a few. What defense strategy to choose is best assessed on a case-by-case basis.

That's because one strategy may or may not be applicable to a person's case. A defense strategy is best crafted by utilizing all of the nuances of a person's case to build the most compelling defense. Essentially, a good criminal defense blows holes in the prosecution's case that aims at proving that the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecution carries the burden of proof in criminal cases.

Whatever one is accused of, whether it be DUI, assault or drug charges, there is a criminal defense suited to each individual charge. It's possible a plea deal may be in a person's best interest. Determining who holds the cards and acting accordingly is key to a good criminal defense. Understanding who is on your side and who is working against a person's interests when charged with a crime is key to achieving a favorable outcome.

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