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Sacramento home alleged grow house, 3 arrested

With marijuana in different stages of legalization in a handful of American states, many are beginning to think it might not be long until marijuana is as legal as say, alcohol. However, while the mindset regarding marijuana may be changing, the laws, for the most part, have not. Several people were arrested in connection with a grow house in a Sacramento suburb, recently. The police allegedly seized an estimated $1.17M in marijuana in two homes in the area.

A search warrant was issued for the two homes located in the Roseville's West Park neighborhood. The warrant was issued after the police department was alerted to unusual activity within and near the homes. The windows of the garages were covered, and there were few signs of normal residential activity at the houses, according to police. This prompted neighbors and passerby to alert police who then searched the house per their search warrant.

Upon entry, it was found that both houses were being almost entirely used as grow houses. There were also sleeping quarters for those tending the plants. The suspects were not growing marijuana for legal medicinal use under California law, but were instead operating their alleged grow house operation outside of the law. The three suspects were arrested on suspicion of maintaining a place for drug use, cultivation of marijuana and conspiracy.

These drug crime accusations are not to be taken lightly. They could carry serious penalties if the accused are convicted. If you are facing accusations of drug or other crimes, you may wish to speak with an attorney to discuss your defense options.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, "Two homes in west Roseville subdivision used as marijuana grow houses, police say," Cathy Locke, September 7, 2017

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