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Thousands of marijuana plants seized in California

With the landscape of legal and illegal drugs changing rapidly, it leaves some wondering about the status of one drug in particular. Marijuana has been the subject of much discussion and research into its health benefits and the potential risk for user abuse. With more being learned about this drug, legislation is starting to come forward in the state allowing the legal sale and use of this drug, under special circumstances. However, it hasn't been completely legalized yet, with thousands of marijuana plants seized in Sacramento neighborhoods around the area.

Three separate raids by authorities yielded a a seizure of around 7,000 marijuana plants with a street value of $6 million. People were also arrested in connection with the outdoor grow sites, with criminal charges pending for several Sacramento residents living in the area. In areas where marijuana is legal, it requires special permits that allow specialized shops to prescribe marijuana for medicinal purposes. The ability to grow or sell marijuana is not legal otherwise and is not permitted at all in most areas.

Several grow houses were raided earlier in the month, but these sites were located outdoors. The charges one Sacramento man faces in connection with an alleged grow site include suspicion of possession of marijuana for sale, cultivation of marijuana and other charges related to firearms. These drug crimes could have a huge impact on the man's life and could result in jail time and a felony record, among other consequences. The man and his family will likely be focusing on crafting a strong criminal defense to such allegations.

Although marijuana is a drug that is becoming legalized in certain areas and public opinion has softened as to its danger, it is still illegal to have unregulated grow sites in and around Sacramento. This is for many reasons, and the consequences can be very real if accused of a drug-related crime. Consequences are generally tougher for those intending to sell versus those intending to use illicit drugs.

Source:, "With legal pot looming, California counties seize thousands of illegal plants," Brad Branan, September 29, 2017

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