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An addictive personality can lead to legal problems

Many families in California include one or members who struggle with drug addiction. Perhaps you or someone you love ended up hooked on prescription meds or other drugs when trying to overcome a chronic pain condition. You might be surprised how many people would relate to your situation. Even many doctors, nurses and other medical professionals have hesitated to ask for help for their own drug problems for fear of placing their licenses at risk.

You probably already know that some drugs are more addictive than others are. The problem is, you may not always recognize the signs of addiction before it's too late. If you're concerned about a family member or recently filled a prescription for a new drug you haven't taken before, you may want to research more on which drugs are the most addictive so you know if you're at risk.

Major drug problems often start out small

You might recall your college days when cramming for finals all night long left you dragging the next day. Someone offered you a capsule that supposedly boosts energy and helps with alertness. It happens all the time and often leads to drug addiction, as well as legal trouble. The following list explains which types of drugs people abuse most often:

  • Alcohol: Although you may not typically think of alcohol as a drug, it's a highly addictive substance that, if used improperly, can wreck lives. There are obvious concerns with drinking alcohol, such as driving while impaired or becoming ill or falling unconscious from consuming too much at once. If a police officer pulls you over on suspicion of DUI, things may get a whole lot worse before they get better.
  • Amphetamines: When you're "get up and go" has gotten up and went, amphetamines are often a go-to for a quick energy boost. They are also extremely addicting, in part because of the intense feelings of pleasure that often accompany consumption of such drugs. 
  • Opiates: Methadone tops the list of highly potent synthetic opiates often used to treat other drug addictions. For instance, this type of drug blocks the effects of heroin. 
  • Depressants: When you can't sleep or suffer from anxiety, someone might suggest you take gamma hydroxybutyrate. Too much of such drugs can induce coma or cause death. 

If you have a valid prescription for a narcotic or other controlled substance, you hopefully use your medicine according to your doctor's instructions and are mindful of all potential side effects and warnings associated with the drug.

Dealing with legal issues resulting from an addiction

It can be quite daunting to try to overcome drug charges in court. Therefore, if you face accusations of illegal use, distribution or manufacturing drugs, you may want to reach out for help before heading to court.

Most California residents who need help to overcome drug addiction turn to support groups or licensed rehabilitation counselors. Those facing legal problems typically turn to experienced defense attorneys for guidance.

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