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Underage DUI conviction can have a huge impact

When people think about DUI or DWI, they often think about people of legal drinking age getting into trouble with the law. However, what about those who are underage who are pulled over while under the influence of drugs or alcohol? How does the law affect them and what kind of impact can it have on a young person's life? The reality is that a DUI/DWI conviction can have an impact on an underage person's personal and professional life.

Operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal for everybody. This includes those that are underage. Oftentimes, these underage offenders accused of DUI/DWI were naive as to the potential consequences such a conviction could have on their life. Besides legal trouble, it could revoke any scholarships they had been allotted. A conviction of DUI/DWI could affect their ability to further their professional career both now and, potentially, later in life.

Depending on the severity of the charge, legal consequences from a conviction could range from license suspension to probation to potentially jail time. The latter could be possible if a person is a multiple offender or if the accusation is brought in conjunction with other serious charges, like if a person was involved in a collision with a pedestrian or vehicle. At the Law Office of Gilbert B Vega, we want to help the underaged who are accused of serious crimes present their best criminal defense. Whatever the scenario, we are equipped to help present their side of the story in defense of such serious allegations.

Oftentimes, parents are involved in helping the underage person who is accused of DUI/DWI. Their support and guidance is often helpful during this time. Sometimes, an underage offender has to deal with this charge without the help of a parent or mentor. This is when building a legitimate criminal defense is especially important.

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