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January 2018 Archives

Prescription drug robbery, felony battery charges for CA man

A prescription drug robbery made headlines last month when an unexpected incident caused the death of an 87-year-old woman. Robberies happen all the time and, often, no one is hurt in the process. However, an incident happened at a Citrus Heights pharmacy, which led to a collision between the elderly woman and the alleged robber. The authorities have apprehended a suspect that is believed to have been involved in the incident and he has been charged.

4 aspects to keep in mind when considering drinking and driving

When out with your friends, the probable goal of the evening is to have a good time. No matter the activities planned, you certainly want to ensure that you allow yourself to have fun and connect with your friends. However, you may not want to fully let go and instead remain conscious of the potential issues any misbehaving could have.

How might a criminal charge be brought against the accused?

When a person is facing a criminal charge, there can be a lot of questions surrounding the situation. One may not even be aware of how the process of bringing a criminal charge works, or more importantly, how to defend oneself against a criminal charge. Criminal charges can manifest in a few ways: after being arrested by authorities or after a complaint was filed with the local police department. Certain types of crimes often have charges brought in a certain way.

How personal bankruptcy can help discharge debts

Finding oneself in a situation where money is tight isn't new to many Sacramento residents. However, pinching pennies is different from being completely overwhelmed by debts that seem never ending. If a person owes more than they can handle, it can quickly have an avalanche effect where a person feels buried by their financial obligations. The good news is that there is a potential solution for those who can no longer meet these obligations.

DUI conviction may feel like you're dragging a ball and chain

You may have already experienced times in your life when events took unexpected turns and you encountered various situations you were not prepared to face. Perhaps you successfully overcame many challenges thrown your way in the curve balls of life. Then again, there may be certain circumstances that had lingering effects. Some types of situations seem to stick with you more than others, such as those that arise as consequences in the aftermath of legal trouble.

Police arrest man after discovery of large amount of marijuana

Marijuana has been in the news a lot lately, especially since many places in California have legalized not only medicinal marijuana, but marijuana for recreational use. However, marijuana in mass quantities or with the intent to distribute outside the terms of the law, is still prohibited. Recently, a man from a Sacramento suburb was arrested and found in possession of nearly 100 pounds of marijuana.

Do you know what you agreed to when you got a driver's license?

Whenever you apply for a driver's license California, you agree to certain stipulations whether you realize it or not. Many states have implied consent laws, although the stipulations that apply may vary by location. It's a good idea to make sure you clearly understand what obtaining a valid driver's license automatically means you agree to, especially in cases where a police officer pulls you over or accuses you of drunk driving.

Criminal defense strategies to utilize if accused of a crime

Most never expect to be facing criminal charges, but the reality is that it happens fairly frequently to individuals and families in the Sacramento area. Criminal charges range in severity from misdemeanors to full-blown felony charges. Building a solid criminal defense is done by tailoring a defense strategy to a person's specific situation.


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