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4 aspects to keep in mind when considering drinking and driving

When out with your friends, the probable goal of the evening is to have a good time. No matter the activities planned, you certainly want to ensure that you allow yourself to have fun and connect with your friends. However, you may not want to fully let go and instead remain conscious of the potential issues any misbehaving could have.

If your nights out with friends generally involve alcohol consumption, you may feel that you have a lock on how much alcohol you can consume and still feel well enough to drive. However, feeling fine may not be enough to keep your driving safe or your blood alcohol concentration level low. As a result, you may wish to remember to take certain precautions to avoid getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Keep ride options in mind

One of the most foolproof ways to avoid a DUI charge is to have a sober driver. This person may be someone in your friend group who refrains from drinking, or your designated driver could come from a professional car service. With apps that easily allow you to call for a ride, you should have the ability to find a safe way home.

Keep BAC level in mind

Again, just because you feel fine, this does not mean that your BAC level has not reached or exceeded the legal limit. Therefore, you may want to take active steps to help keep your level low. These steps could include eating while you consume alcohol, spacing your drinks out over the course of the evening, avoiding drinking games and waiting to get behind the wheel. Your BAC will first continue to rise after you stop drinking before it begins to lower.

Keep alcohol content in mind

You may also want to remember that alcohol content levels vary in different drinks. Plus, if the drinks are not uniformly measured, such as drinks from a punch bowl or other container, you may not have a clear idea of how much alcohol they contain. Furthermore, you may find yourself consuming more drinks that taste sweet or less like alcohol, but they can still raise your BAC level quickly.

Keep legal options in mind

Even if you do end up getting pulled over and charged with DUI, you do not have to simply accept that you will face a guilty outcome. You have legal options available for defending against charges brought against you. Utilizing local California legal resources could help you ensure that you obtain reliable information regarding your case.

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