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Criminal defense strategies to utilize if accused of a crime

Most never expect to be facing criminal charges, but the reality is that it happens fairly frequently to individuals and families in the Sacramento area. Criminal charges range in severity from misdemeanors to full-blown felony charges. Building a solid criminal defense is done by tailoring a defense strategy to a person's specific situation.

However, there are a few tried-and-true criminal defense strategies that can be applied to different criminal accusations. Since the prosecutor in a criminal defense case bears the burden of proof, they may bring their evidence to light and, thus, building a solid defense strategy may hinge on deflecting or discrediting those accusations. Framing the story from the defendant's perspective could also prove to be important, allowing the accused to portray their side of the story. A third strategy may be for a defendant to take a plea deal if it is in their best interest to do so.

Every person's situation is different when they are accused of a crime. That's why it's hard to say which criminal defense strategy may be most effective for any given defendant accused of any given crime. A complete denial strategy is one in which a defendant will deny the charges and then offer explanations for why they are accused. For example, the defendant could deny the charges by providing an alibi, which explains where the defendant was at the time of an alleged act.

Every crime and situation is different, two defendant's charges and experiences are rarely ever alike. Other, similar cases, that have been previously tried and decided, may help to build a defendant's case if the outcome or sentencing in that case was favorable from the defendant's perspective. There are many factors that go into building a solid criminal defense strategy.

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