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DUI conviction may feel like you're dragging a ball and chain

You may have already experienced times in your life when events took unexpected turns and you encountered various situations you were not prepared to face. Perhaps you successfully overcame many challenges thrown your way in the curve balls of life. Then again, there may be certain circumstances that had lingering effects. Some types of situations seem to stick with you more than others, such as those that arise as consequences in the aftermath of legal trouble.

A California police officer might pull you over when you least expect it. The reason might not be immediately apparent. It's not uncommon for such incidents to occur when a police officer thinks a particular driver might be intoxicated. Not only is drunk driving the most frequently reported criminal offense in the nation, it is one that will likely follow you around in years to come if you face conviction. Most people request immediate legal assistance in such situations because they know it ups their chances of preserving their freedom.

Consider potential consequences of DUI conviction

It doesn't take much to figure out some of the immediate repercussions of a drunk driving arrest. First, you'd have to leave your vehicle somewhere and ride in a police car, likely to a county jail. From there, it's anyone's ballgame as you can never predict or assume how such situations will play out in court. The following list includes ways a DUI conviction can negatively affect your future:

  • Loss of driver's license: When you obtained a driver's license in California, you signed an agreement to undergo a breath, urine or blood test to check your blood alcohol content levels if a police officer arrests you on suspicion of DUI. However, the state's high court recently ruled that drawing blood from a person without a valid search warrant may violate his or her Fourth Amendment rights.
  • Increased insurance premiums: Your auto insurance company will likely consider you a high risk if you incur a DUI conviction. This, in turn, will probably lead to increased insurance rates. Your coverage could double (even triple) in some circumstances. There are also insurance companies who will refuse coverage following a DUI conviction.
  • Hard to keep or get a job: Your current employer may decide to terminate your position if your DUI conviction (or the process leading up to it) negatively affects your work. Moving forward in life, your chances of obtaining gainful employment may suffer as well if prospective employers do a criminal background check and learn of your conviction.
  • Tainted reputation: Often, all it takes is a suspected drunk driving arrest to harm your personal and professional reputation. If you face conviction, it may make matters even worse.

The good news is, you don't have to sit back and let the chips fall where they may if prosecutors file drunk driving charges against you. You are guaranteed the right to present as strong a defense as possible to fight against the charges in the hope of avoiding conviction and keeping your record clean.

To boost the effectiveness of defense, most California motorists ask experienced criminal law attorneys to represent them in court.

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