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Police arrest man after discovery of large amount of marijuana

Marijuana has been in the news a lot lately, especially since many places in California have legalized not only medicinal marijuana, but marijuana for recreational use. However, marijuana in mass quantities or with the intent to distribute outside the terms of the law, is still prohibited. Recently, a man from a Sacramento suburb was arrested and found in possession of nearly 100 pounds of marijuana.

The man's house, located on Rio de Enaro Way, was raided, yielding the large drug bust. He is facing felony charges related to the drug bust. He is also facing secondary, lesser misdemeanor charges for distribution, cultivation and intent to sell. These charges are serious and layered in their severity.

While nothing is concrete until you are convicted of a crime, facing drug crime accusations is a serious issue. That's why understanding what you are accused of and the options available to you are crucial. Building a criminal defense against felony crimes and misdemeanors are two different scenarios. This is because the potential penalties are generally more severe for felonies than for misdemeanors.

The biggest difference between the two is that the penalty for a felony can consist of jail time of more than one year, while the penalty for a misdemeanor is generally less than one year. Marijuana in small amounts is approved with certain limitations for personal use. Nearly 100 pounds does not constitute personal use. The specific laws about marijuana use and possession can be found in local and state statutes.

Source:, "Man arrested with nearly 100 pounds of marijuana in Elk Grove," Benjy Egel, January 8, 2018

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