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February 2018 Archives

3 factors that could play into your DUI defense

You may think that because a breath test indicated that your blood alcohol concentration level had reached or exceeded the legal limit that you would automatically face a DUI conviction. Luckily, that is not the case. Though this type of result could act as evidence in the case against you, it does not automatically mean that you will face punishments. As with any type of criminal charge, you have the right to defend against allegations of DUI.

CA police study the effect marijuana has on drivers

With the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, there has been a mixed reaction from the California community. While marijuana can be used safely and responsibly, some are still getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Just because marijuana is legalized for recreational use doesn't mean it is acceptable to drive while under the influence of the drug. With DUI charges on the rise, specifically related to marijuana use, California police want to know more about how it affects drivers.

What can filing for personal bankruptcy accomplish?

Thinking about the average person and the financial obligations that one may be facing, it can sometimes be daunting! The most common costs people must absorb include housing, food and transportation costs. However, the average person has student loan debt and other financial obligations that can quickly pile up in the form of unpaid bills and other debt. It doesn't take much for finances to get out of control.

A strong defense against assault charges

Facing criminal charges of any kind in California can be overwhelming and frightening. You know a lot is at stake, but you have the right to seek a beneficial outcome to your situation by building a strong defense. Your defense is especially important in cases involving violent crime, such as assault.

Diminish or discharge accusations related to drug crimes

If you have been accused of drug crimes, you obviously have an emotional investment in how the legal issue plays out. Ideally, one would want to diminish or discharge any accusations of drug crimes against oneself or a loved one. It is important to remember being accused of a crime is not equivalent to a conviction of said crime.


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