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CA police study the effect marijuana has on drivers

With the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, there has been a mixed reaction from the California community. While marijuana can be used safely and responsibly, some are still getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Just because marijuana is legalized for recreational use doesn't mean it is acceptable to drive while under the influence of the drug. With DUI charges on the rise, specifically related to marijuana use, California police want to know more about how it affects drivers.

To learn more about this, California officers are conducting a study to measure the effect that marijuana has on cognitive and physical abilities. Police are conducting the study by having participants smoke marijuana and measuring their abilities before and after experiencing the drug. Colorado, the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, was the first to conduct these appropriately dubbed 'green labs' to help officers understand the drug and its effect on drivers.

The results of this study will likely help educate officers on how to detect when drivers are impaired by marijuana. In the meantime, participants in the study are asked to smoke marijuana for research. Legalization of recreational marijuana is changing the way many think about the drug. However, don't forget that getting behind the wheel while under the influence can result in a possible DUI/DWI.

Being convicted of DUI is just as serious as DWI in most instances. Really, the only difference is what the accused is suspected to be under the influence of, either alcohol or other drugs. A DUI conviction can have a huge impact on a person's future. Understand what you or a loved one is charged with when you are accused of DUI.

Source:, "Police want to understand marijuana users better. So they're watching them get high," Crystal Hill, February 16, 2018

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