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Diminish or discharge accusations related to drug crimes

If you have been accused of drug crimes, you obviously have an emotional investment in how the legal issue plays out. Ideally, one would want to diminish or discharge any accusations of drug crimes against oneself or a loved one. It is important to remember being accused of a crime is not equivalent to a conviction of said crime.

One key component of being charged or questioned in relation to a drug crime is that a person has the right to remain silent. This is one of the Miranda Rights, but it is also a constitutional right. If, after constructing a legitimate criminal defense strategy, you decide to talk with authorities, the questioning can be with counsel present so they can advise you as to your response or decision to respond to questions. At the Law Office of Gilbert B Vega, we take criminal defense seriously.

Understanding that when you or a loved one are accused of a drug crime, you do have rights. If a person is injured and needs medical care, be sure to alert the authorities in care of the incarcerated person, as they have the right to medical attention. The drug charges are to be announced to a person within a specified time period, which gives the accused a basis from which to defend oneself. A person accused of and arrested in connection with a drug crime does have the right to seek an attorney to aid in building their criminal defense.

While not all drug charges can or will be diminished or discharged, it is certainly the best-case scenario. There is nothing wrong with seeking the best outcome for yourself or a loved one accused of a drug crime. At the Law Office of Gilbert B Vega, we know how confusing and challenging these times can be for the accused and their family. Helping to ease that strain and building a quality criminal defense is what our practice is all about.

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