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Dennis Rodman pleads guilty to DUI, gets probation

We may think celebrities lead charmed lives, and this may be true to some extent. However, celebrities aren't beyond the reach of the law. All cities and states have laws pertaining to DUI/DWI and intoxicated driving behaviors. Celebrity and former pro athlete, Dennis Rodman, was recently picked up in California and accused of DUI back in January.

At his trial and sentencing, he pleaded guilty. At the time of apprehension by California police, Rodman was initially pulled over for a traffic violation. At that time, the officer determined there was reason to believe that Rodman was impaired, and, although we do not know the details of his arrest, a sobriety test was requested, which he failed. He was sentenced to 3 months of probation after pleading guilty to two misdemeanors stemming from the DUI arrest.

Beyond probation, Rodman is expected to pay nearly $400 in fines and is required to complete a nine-month alcohol program. It just goes to show that DUI/DWI can happen to anyone; even celebrities are not outside the law.

If you or a loved one has been accused of DUI/DWI, do not disregard it. These charges can have serious consequences, and it is important to understand what one is accused of in relation to these crimes. If the person is a repeat offender, the punishments are generally more severe than for first-time offenders. Every person's situation is different and should be treated as such. If you have been charged with DUI, it may be wise to enlist the aid of a criminal defense attorney to help with your case.

Source:, "Dennis Rodman gets probation after DUI arrest in California," March 12, 2018

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