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How can a drug diversion program impact drug crime accusations?

With all of the research on drug addiction and how it impacts the addict and their family, we know that addiction can be a tough obstacle to overcome. This is why treating the source of addiction and helping to rehabilitate drug addicts is so important to their long term recovery. Drug addiction can wreak havoc on a person's health and personal life. Drug addiction can also have criminal repercussions.

If you or a loved one have been accused of a drug crime, there could be an alternative to facing a trial and potential sentencing, if convicted. This option is what's known as a drug diversion program. These programs are enacted after a person is accused of a crime but before they face prosecution for the alleged crime. In a pretrial drug diversion program, the prosecutor halts the case against the defendant so that the defendant can meet certain conditions.

These conditions might include probation, counseling and community service, among others. Drug diversion programs are a relatively new program initiated as an alternative to jail time, but they have been known to be effective for drug addicts. The root of most drug crimes is addiction and the root of most addiction is often other deep-seeded trauma. The tactics used in drug diversion programs, such as counseling, can help those afflicted by drug addiction move beyond their addiction and onto the fast track to becoming a sober and better version of themselves.

Not all those accused of drug crimes are eligible for a drug diversion program. Depending on the specifics of the drug crime accusation and a person's criminal history, the drug diversion program may not be available. However, for those arrested for their first drug-related crime, a drug diversion plan may not only be possible, but may be an attractive option one could employ when facing drug charges. Based on the outcome of the drug diversion program, it can have a huge impact on the criminal proceedings related to the drug crime.

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