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Stephon Clark's brother facing assault charges

A Sacramento man was shot to death by police several months ago and his death has had a ripple effect throughout the community. According to reports, the officers on duty mistook his cell phone for a gun and shot him in his grandfather's backyard. The brother of the deceased has become a catalyst for protests that have shut down freeways and blocked access to Sacramento Kings games. That man has now been charged with assault in connection with a separate incident.

Stevante Clark was released on bail but the charges against him remain. The charges allege that he threatened a landlord and did more than $400 in damage to a house and property, including defacing it with graffiti. He is also charged with assaulting a woman with a hammer.

The Sacramento County district attorney's office has filed the charges against the young man as misdemeanors, which can bring less than a year in jail. A spokeswoman for the city said prosecutors invited Clark to apply for acceptance to a mental health court, where charges would be dismissed if he completed the program.

It is unsure how Clark will proceed as of now. It appears he has a few options at this point, but the report also mentioned that he is expected to procure a lawyer. It is his right to build a criminal defense against these assault charges. If you are facing charges similar to the ones in this case, you may wish to consult an attorney to help construct the best defense possible.

Source:, "Stephon Clark's brother charged with misdemeanor assault," April 23, 2018

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