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Why craft a criminal defense against DUI/DWI accusations?

When a person is accused of DUI/DWI, it can be a time of uncertainty and uncharted territory. Just because a person is accused of a crime like DUI/DWI, it does not automatically mean they are guilty. Rather, the accused has a right to build a criminal defense against such accusations.

It is really important to build a quality criminal defense against drunk driving allegations. The penalties for DUI/DWI have only risen in severity in recent years. If convicted, a person could face having not only that charge on their record but other penalties as well. These could include an ignition interlock device installed on their vehicle, schools or substance abuse treatment, license revocation, fines and even jail time. DUI/DWI crimes are like other crimes in that they can range in severity.

This means that a person's DUI/DWI could be less severe or more severe depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident. This could include the BAC level of the accused, their previous criminal and driving history and whether any other people were impacted by their behavior. For instance, if a person was driving recklessly prior to apprehension by police or has a child in the car under the age of 14 at the time of the arrest, the charges for DUI/DWI could be more severe.

Knowing what one may be up against prior to their DUI/DWI hearing is key to defending oneself. The laws on DUI/DWI are based in California state law, as will be the sentencing if it reaches that stage. A person has every right to build a criminal defense against accusations related to DUI/DWI.

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