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May 2018 Archives

Rapper arrested on suspicion of DUI

Celebrities can be in the news for all kinds of things, good or bad. Celebrities are just like regular people, in that, they are obligated to obey and respect the law. In theory, this means that a celebrity could break the law just as easily as any regular Sacramento resident. The rapper Mac Miller was arrested and is facing DUI charges, among others.

The 4th Amendment and search warrants

When police search a person or their property, there are guidelines that must be followed in order to meet requirements under the law. This is because a person is entitled to a certain level of privacy under the Constitution. However, if a person is breaking the law, police officers have rights in certain instances to step in and intervene.

What might eliminate Chapter 7 bankruptcy as a debtor option?

Debt is part of a healthy financial snapshot for an individual and for a business. Ask any financial analyst, and they will tell you that a certain portion of a person's financial portfolio should include some percentage of debt. However, there is a point where debt can get out of control and make it difficult to make ends meet. It might be time to look at personal bankruptcy as a way to get your personal financial situation back on track.

Protect your rights when facing DUI charges in California

Nothing can ruin a California road trip quite like seeing flashing lights from a police patrol car in your rear-view mirror. If you're like most motorists, your heart may beat faster the moment you realize a police officer is attempting a traffic stop while you're behind the wheel. Hopefully, your driver's license and vehicle registration and insurance information are easily accessible.

California doctor arrested for selling prescription drugs

A California doctor is facing charges for allegedly selling opioid prescriptions. If convicted, the doctor could face 20 years in prison. It is alleged that patients traveled from Sacramento and other Northern California cities to receive the doctor's prescriptions. The doctor was arrested in his home in Modesto.


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