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How a DUI can affect your career

Like many people in California, you may be always on the lookout for the ideal job, putting in your time with your current job until the right situation comes along. Maybe you are taking classes or working toward a degree so you will be ready when it happens.

Is business debt causing you stress?

Most anyone who has ever launched a business, regardless whether it was a micro-company or large-scale corporation, understands that the bottom line often remains in the red until the ball gets rolling in the right direction. Perhaps you took out a loan to start your company or borrowed money to expand or cover some other expenses once your business was up and running.  

Breath test results can have many inaccuracies

When an officer stops a person's vehicle and suspects that he or she may be driving under the influence, that officer will likely conduct various tests to determine whether his or her suspicions may prove correct. This gathering of evidence may provide an officer with probable cause to take you or another driver into custody on charges of DUI.

Things you should know about field sobriety tests

Suppose you're driving along a California roadway and you notice a police car coming up behind you with flashing red and blue lights and a siren blaring. As obligated, you quickly find a spot where you can safely pull off the road, as you realize the officer is making a traffic stop. It may or may not be the first time you have been in such a situation. Either way, what you do and say in the next moments may greatly impact the outcome of your circumstances.

3 factors that could play into your DUI defense

You may think that because a breath test indicated that your blood alcohol concentration level had reached or exceeded the legal limit that you would automatically face a DUI conviction. Luckily, that is not the case. Though this type of result could act as evidence in the case against you, it does not automatically mean that you will face punishments. As with any type of criminal charge, you have the right to defend against allegations of DUI.

A strong defense against assault charges

Facing criminal charges of any kind in California can be overwhelming and frightening. You know a lot is at stake, but you have the right to seek a beneficial outcome to your situation by building a strong defense. Your defense is especially important in cases involving violent crime, such as assault.

4 aspects to keep in mind when considering drinking and driving

When out with your friends, the probable goal of the evening is to have a good time. No matter the activities planned, you certainly want to ensure that you allow yourself to have fun and connect with your friends. However, you may not want to fully let go and instead remain conscious of the potential issues any misbehaving could have.

DUI conviction may feel like you're dragging a ball and chain

You may have already experienced times in your life when events took unexpected turns and you encountered various situations you were not prepared to face. Perhaps you successfully overcame many challenges thrown your way in the curve balls of life. Then again, there may be certain circumstances that had lingering effects. Some types of situations seem to stick with you more than others, such as those that arise as consequences in the aftermath of legal trouble.

Do you know what you agreed to when you got a driver's license?

Whenever you apply for a driver's license California, you agree to certain stipulations whether you realize it or not. Many states have implied consent laws, although the stipulations that apply may vary by location. It's a good idea to make sure you clearly understand what obtaining a valid driver's license automatically means you agree to, especially in cases where a police officer pulls you over or accuses you of drunk driving.

How a DUI conviction may keep you out of college in California

If you're preparing for SATs and otherwise starting to plan your future, you've likely heard your parents or other family members commenting on how quickly time has flown with regard to your age and state in life. You yourself might experience mixed emotions, from excitement and eager anticipation of your college days ahead to anxiety and worry about whether you've got what it takes to succeed. There are several factors that could impede your entrance into the California college of your choice, one of which is a DUI conviction.


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