Strong Defense For Violent Crime Charges

Violent crime charges like assault, battery, domestic violence, weapons offenses, manslaughter or homicide are perhaps the most intimidating charges an individual can face. They are aggressively investigated by law enforcement, and anyone charged will face an uphill battle in the criminal justice system.

Don't Jeopardize Your Case By Talking To Police

The moment you know you are being investigated, arrested or charged with a violent crime is the moment you need to contact an attorney. Any conversation you have with law enforcement or prosecutors gives them the opportunity to gather evidence against you. You will understandably be nervous, and that can sometimes lead to false statements and inconsistencies. Make sure you have an experienced lawyer on your side to represent your interests, give you a voice in criminal proceedings and protect your rights.

We Are Here To Protect You

At the Law Office of Gilbert B. Vega in Sacramento County, you can find the personal attention, dedication and skill you need to get results in violent crime cases. Attorney Gilberto B. Vega is respected both within the legal community and among his satisfied clients who appreciate his straightforward approach to legal counsel.

"Many of my clients come to me after working with attorneys who do not follow up on questions or keep them informed of the status of a case. I think people deserve to have an attorney who will give them a realistic understanding of what will happen and what it takes to get the job done right."

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