Domestic Violence Attorney in Sacramento, CA

Defending Domestic Violence Charges in Sacramento County

Arguments can be volatile even between loved ones and family members, and people make mistakes. Too often, a tense situation results in domestic violence charges. You need someone in your corner fighting for your rights when this happens.

At the Law Office of Gilbert B. Vega, we believe in providing every client with aggressive yet caring legal representation. Our Sacramento domestic violence defense lawyer takes a detail-oriented approach. When you hire us, we put our extensive experience to work for you, uncovering all your legal options and providing you with the reliable guidance you seek.

What is Domestic Violence?

Many situations can result in domestic violence charges. Domestic violence can involve spouses, children, family members, dating partners, and people living together in the same home.

Domestic abuse can be:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Sexual
  • Financial
  • Psychological

The circumstances of the allegations against you will determine how your case is prosecuted. The penalties for a domestic abuse conviction are severe, often including jail time and fines. A conviction can also affect other areas of your life, including your custody of your children.

Effects of Domestic Violence

Prosecutors can file charges even if the alleged victim does not want to press charges. These cases are emotionally charged, and many clients report feeling isolated and alone.

In addition to dealing with the penalties of a conviction, you may also feel a negative impact on your reputation and social life. If you are dealing with domestic violence charges, our experienced criminal defense attorney can craft an effective defense on your behalf.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Domestic Violence in California?

The current statute of limitations for domestic violence charges in California is three years.

Do All Domestic Violence Cases Go To Trial?

Unless the case has been prepared and the facts are in your favor, the right to a fast trial is absolutely nothing but a rapid conviction. You must have only a qualified domestic violence attorney in Sacramento handling your domestic violence case from the beginning.

How Long Does a Domestic Violence Charge Stay on Your Record in California?

There is a 10 year prohibition from the state of California. Obtaining an expungement does not reinstate firearms rights.

Choosing The Right Sacramento Domestic Violence Lawyer

At the Law Office of Gilbert B. Vega, we know how prosecutors in Sacramento County handle domestic violence cases. As an experienced litigator, Attorney Vega fights tirelessly for our clients. When you need someone to advocate for you and your rights, we are there for you. Our Sacramento domestic violence lawyer has fought all kinds of domestic violence and spousal abuse charges. When you have questions, we have answers.

Real Results

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  • Not Guilty
    First Degree Murder
  • Case dismissed after 20 hours community service
    Grand Theft
  • Identity theft count dismissed at trial
    Identity Theft
  • Client found not guilty at trial
    Rape of a Child
  • One year of county jail/five years' probation
  • Case Dismissed.
  • Case dismissed at preliminary hearing.
  • Case Dismissed prior to trial
    Disobeying a Court Order

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