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How personal bankruptcy can help discharge debts

Finding oneself in a situation where money is tight isn't new to many Sacramento residents. However, pinching pennies is different from being completely overwhelmed by debts that seem never ending. If a person owes more than they can handle, it can quickly have an avalanche effect where a person feels buried by their financial obligations. The good news is that there is a potential solution for those who can no longer meet these obligations.

When you are buried by debt, you know that something has to give. While one may float listlessly in this financial limbo, one should do their best to pull themselves out of this situation. Personal bankruptcy options are available to help settle debts, absolve debts or get on a management payment plan that stops the creditor calls and mailers.

DUI conviction may feel like you're dragging a ball and chain

You may have already experienced times in your life when events took unexpected turns and you encountered various situations you were not prepared to face. Perhaps you successfully overcame many challenges thrown your way in the curve balls of life. Then again, there may be certain circumstances that had lingering effects. Some types of situations seem to stick with you more than others, such as those that arise as consequences in the aftermath of legal trouble.

A California police officer might pull you over when you least expect it. The reason might not be immediately apparent. It's not uncommon for such incidents to occur when a police officer thinks a particular driver might be intoxicated. Not only is drunk driving the most frequently reported criminal offense in the nation, it is one that will likely follow you around in years to come if you face conviction. Most people request immediate legal assistance in such situations because they know it ups their chances of preserving their freedom.

Police arrest man after discovery of large amount of marijuana

Marijuana has been in the news a lot lately, especially since many places in California have legalized not only medicinal marijuana, but marijuana for recreational use. However, marijuana in mass quantities or with the intent to distribute outside the terms of the law, is still prohibited. Recently, a man from a Sacramento suburb was arrested and found in possession of nearly 100 pounds of marijuana.

The man's house, located on Rio de Enaro Way, was raided, yielding the large drug bust. He is facing felony charges related to the drug bust. He is also facing secondary, lesser misdemeanor charges for distribution, cultivation and intent to sell. These charges are serious and layered in their severity.

Do you know what you agreed to when you got a driver's license?

Whenever you apply for a driver's license California, you agree to certain stipulations whether you realize it or not. Many states have implied consent laws, although the stipulations that apply may vary by location. It's a good idea to make sure you clearly understand what obtaining a valid driver's license automatically means you agree to, especially in cases where a police officer pulls you over or accuses you of drunk driving.

Concerning all traffic regulations and state laws, it's best to seek clarification ahead of time and make sure you're aware of your rights. This type of knowledge is often key to avoiding serious legal problems, in particular when prosecutors file DUI charges against you. First, it's crucial to know that facing criminal charges doesn't necessarily always lead to a conviction. Even if you already have a DUI conviction on your record, each situation is isolated in that you are presumed innocent unless prosecutors convince the court otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt.

Criminal defense strategies to utilize if accused of a crime

Most never expect to be facing criminal charges, but the reality is that it happens fairly frequently to individuals and families in the Sacramento area. Criminal charges range in severity from misdemeanors to full-blown felony charges. Building a solid criminal defense is done by tailoring a defense strategy to a person's specific situation.

However, there are a few tried-and-true criminal defense strategies that can be applied to different criminal accusations. Since the prosecutor in a criminal defense case bears the burden of proof, they may bring their evidence to light and, thus, building a solid defense strategy may hinge on deflecting or discrediting those accusations. Framing the story from the defendant's perspective could also prove to be important, allowing the accused to portray their side of the story. A third strategy may be for a defendant to take a plea deal if it is in their best interest to do so.

What those accused of Sacramento DUI/DWI should know

Maybe it was over a holiday weekend - you were out with your friends or family and enjoyed a drink or two. You were feeling festive, after all! However, the warm fuzzy holiday feelings faded when you saw the flashing lights in your rearview mirror. Even two drinks can bring a person's BAC over the legal limit of .08, which can land them with a DUI/DWI charge.

Here's what you need to know, especially if you are one of the many first-time DUI/DWI offenders. At this point, you have been accused of a crime, not convicted. The officer may have asked you to perform a field sobriety test or to consent to a breathalyzer test. These tests may be the prosecutions' tool to convicting one of a DUI/DWI. If convicted, a first-time offender has a range of possible punishments, ranging from mild to moderately severe.

If arrested for drug crimes, what might be the specific charge?

Being accused of a drug crime can range in severity and impact depending on the situation. Some accusations of drug crimes are more mild, such as possession of paraphernalia or contraband, and some more serious, like intent to distribute.

Understanding what you or a loved one may be charged with in connection to a drug crime is the key to understanding what to do next. Since drugs are governed by both state and federal law, these laws could come into play in how a person charged with a drug crime approaches the situation. Being accused of having paraphernalia is a much less serious drug crime than drug trafficking, for example. Beyond that, a paraphernalia charge is often prosecuted by state law, while drug trafficking can move into the federal law arena, especially if there are accusations that drugs were sold over state lines.

Passenger fatality, CHP suspects driver was intoxicated

It's some of the worst news that a family can receive in their lifetime, that a loved one has died unexpectedly in a car accident. Car accidents happen everyday, some of them causing serious injuries of even proving fatal. Recently, a driver lost control of their vehicle and crashed, and the passenger was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

The two were traveling together when their vehicle suddenly left the roadway and crashed into a concrete wall near the intersection of Sunrise Boulevard and Fair Oaks Boulevard. When first responders arrived, they had to pull both passengers from the vehicle even though both were conscious at the time of the extraction. Later, the passenger was pronounced dead at a hospital, but his injuries weren't reported. CHP suspects that alcohol or other drugs could have been a factor in this crash. However, the cause cannot be determined until the full investigation is complete.

How a DUI conviction may keep you out of college in California

If you're preparing for SATs and otherwise starting to plan your future, you've likely heard your parents or other family members commenting on how quickly time has flown with regard to your age and state in life. You yourself might experience mixed emotions, from excitement and eager anticipation of your college days ahead to anxiety and worry about whether you've got what it takes to succeed. There are several factors that could impede your entrance into the California college of your choice, one of which is a DUI conviction.

Perhaps you've been out of high school several years already but wanted to work for a while to save money for tuition or didn't quite know where your life was headed and needed to take time to figure things out. During that time, you might have made some choices you'd not make again if you were to be given a do-over. If a particular choice resulted in DUI charges against you, you might face several challenges as you try to get things back on track, including difficulty getting into college.

Field sobriety tests in Sacramento

You may have seen the lights flashing in your rearview mirror, heard the sirens and been signaled by authorities to pull over to the side of the road. You may have been part of a routine traffic stop for speed or other minor traffic infraction. Or, you could have been pulled over on suspicion of intoxicated driving. Often, the officer may conduct specific procedures, one of which is the field sobriety test.

Field sobriety tests, sometimes called roadside sobriety tests, are used by law enforcement to enforce DUI laws and usually precede Breathalyzer tests. These tests are used as a way for the officer to measure a person's sobriety by measuring balance, physical ability, attention level, or other factors that the officer may use to determine whether the suspect is driving under the influence. If and when a Sacramento resident is charged with DUI/DWI, the results of a field sobriety test may be used as evidence against them. The results of sobriety tests can grant officers probable cause to arrest a person suspected of DUI/DWI.

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