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Prescription drugs could be the reason behind DUI charge

Prescription drugs are being noted now, more than ever, in relation to drug crimes. When people often think of drug crimes, they think of illicit drugs that you might buy on the street like cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine. However, prescription drugs can be just as dangerous as illicit drugs if abused or taken at an inappropriate time. They can result in drug crime-related charges too, even if you are prescribed the medication.

Warning labels on over-the-counter medication or prescribed medication can help a person know whether a drug could be dangerous when behind the wheel. Not making oneself aware of this prior to a DUI charge is not a legitimate defense. Some common prescription drugs that have been known to result in a DUI charge include antidepressants, sleeping pills and hydrocodone. However, over-the-counter medications like antihistamines can have a similar effect, making a person drowsy or slowing their response time.

Is your right to a speedy trial absolute?

Police put you in handcuffs and took you to the county jail. At your arraignment, the judge set a bond, but you don't have the funds to meet it. Therefore, you are in jail until you either raise the money for bail or go to trial. When you know the first option isn't going to happen, you may wonder how long the second option will take.

The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution says that you have the right to a "speedy trial," but what exactly does that mean? What happens if your case doesn't go to trial before the deadline?

Thousands of marijuana plants seized in California

With the landscape of legal and illegal drugs changing rapidly, it leaves some wondering about the status of one drug in particular. Marijuana has been the subject of much discussion and research into its health benefits and the potential risk for user abuse. With more being learned about this drug, legislation is starting to come forward in the state allowing the legal sale and use of this drug, under special circumstances. However, it hasn't been completely legalized yet, with thousands of marijuana plants seized in Sacramento neighborhoods around the area.

Three separate raids by authorities yielded a a seizure of around 7,000 marijuana plants with a street value of $6 million. People were also arrested in connection with the outdoor grow sites, with criminal charges pending for several Sacramento residents living in the area. In areas where marijuana is legal, it requires special permits that allow specialized shops to prescribe marijuana for medicinal purposes. The ability to grow or sell marijuana is not legal otherwise and is not permitted at all in most areas.

What is the potential negative impact of a DUI charge?

We have all seen the pulled-over drivers, the police's vehicle right up behind them with their lights flashing. I think we have all judged these people, automatically assuming that they are getting what they deserve, or that they are guilty of whatever crime the officer has pulled them over for. DUI penalties have gotten more intense in the last several years, in hopes of deterring those who are intoxicated from getting behind the wheel. However, we shouldn't be so quick to judge, especially when DUI's have more potential consequences than ever.

Many people think of a DUI as referring to someone who is intoxicated by alcohol. But, the truth is that other substances can impair a driver's judgment in similar or in worse ways. Painkillers, prescribed medications and illegal drugs can all have an impact on a driver's judgment and response times. For those reasons, these substances are just as illegal as alcohol when getting behind the wheel. Many who are pulled over for DUI are very worried about how this will affect their driving privileges.

What happens to your right to drive after a DUI?

Any type of criminal charge is a threat to your future and your freedom, but it can be especially frustrating when your criminal case is a threat to your right to drive. This can be the case if you are facing DUI charges of any kind. Whether it is your first offense or you have a history of drunk driving convictions, you may find it beneficial to know how to protect your ability to drive.

In California, suspected drunk drivers may lose their licenses in a DUI traffic stop. An arrest and charges could lead to a lengthy suspension of the license, and it can be quite a process to get your license back and restore your driving privileges. If you lost your license, you have the right to know how to how to get it back and get back on the road.

Mounting a strong criminal defense

Whether it is yourself, a loved one or close friend looking for guidance after being charged with a criminal offense, there are often lots of questions. For many, it is their first time being charged with anything of the sort and they are unfamiliar with the process and other aspects. For others, they may be wondering how any previous convictions could affect their current criminal charge. It is important to know that everyone has the right to present a criminal defense for the crime they are accused of committing.

The most important thing to remember is that everyone accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. Although it may not feel that way, it's important to remember that everyone has their day in which they can tell their side of the story. This is when a person will present their criminal defense strategy, whether it's an alibi, self-defense or under the influence strategy, to name a few. What defense strategy to choose is best assessed on a case-by-case basis.

To breathe or not to breathe -- into a Breathalyzer that is

You've heard about field sobriety tests, right? They are those tests that police officers in California and elsewhere ask drivers to perform if they suspect impaired driving. Some of them require going through a list of physical tasks. However, another test looks at your body's blood alcohol content. This chemical test is the Breathalyzer.

So, you were pulled over for allegedly driving while drunk. The law enforcement officer pulled out a little machine and asked you to provide a breath sample. Did you do it? Did you even know that you had a choice?

Sacramento home alleged grow house, 3 arrested

With marijuana in different stages of legalization in a handful of American states, many are beginning to think it might not be long until marijuana is as legal as say, alcohol. However, while the mindset regarding marijuana may be changing, the laws, for the most part, have not. Several people were arrested in connection with a grow house in a Sacramento suburb, recently. The police allegedly seized an estimated $1.17M in marijuana in two homes in the area.

A search warrant was issued for the two homes located in the Roseville's West Park neighborhood. The warrant was issued after the police department was alerted to unusual activity within and near the homes. The windows of the garages were covered, and there were few signs of normal residential activity at the houses, according to police. This prompted neighbors and passerby to alert police who then searched the house per their search warrant.

Personal bankruptcy can help to resolve financial problems

That feeling of looking in your bank account to see a less than impressive number looking back at you is never fun. While we have all been short on cash at one time or another, some financial problems are more severe and can get out of control quickly. These financial issues are more than just being short on cash. When your debts begin to feel crushing and you can't make ends meet, it may be time to consider other options.

One option to alleviate debt would be to better manage your finances and get in control of your debt. One possible way to do this is through personal bankruptcy. There are a variety of personal bankruptcy options that would allow Sacramento residents to minimize their debt and offer a manageable plan to get in control of their finances again. Many people do not realize how positive a bankruptcy can be for their personal life and to help them gain control of their finances and their life as a whole.

Was that search actually legal?

The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects you from unlawful or unreasonable search and seizure. Sounds good, but what does that actually mean? Over the course of the last 200 years or so, many courts across the country, along with the United States Supreme Court, have all made decisions that end up defining what this means for you, now, in 2017.

Because there is some interpretation that can be made even now, one of the first things that most criminal defense attorneys do is ensure that any searches and seizures that affect a particular case were done properly and did not violate your constitutional rights.


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