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Why craft a criminal defense against DUI/DWI accusations?

When a person is accused of DUI/DWI, it can be a time of uncertainty and uncharted territory. Just because a person is accused of a crime like DUI/DWI, it does not automatically mean they are guilty. Rather, the accused has a right to build a criminal defense against such accusations.

It is really important to build a quality criminal defense against drunk driving allegations. The penalties for DUI/DWI have only risen in severity in recent years. If convicted, a person could face having not only that charge on their record but other penalties as well. These could include an ignition interlock device installed on their vehicle, schools or substance abuse treatment, license revocation, fines and even jail time. DUI/DWI crimes are like other crimes in that they can range in severity.

Is business debt causing you stress?

Most anyone who has ever launched a business, regardless whether it was a micro-company or large-scale corporation, understands that the bottom line often remains in the red until the ball gets rolling in the right direction. Perhaps you took out a loan to start your company or borrowed money to expand or cover some other expenses once your business was up and running.  

Such things are par for the course in business, but they can lead to financial problems if you face a decrease in sales or some other issue negatively impacts your ability to pay back the debt. If your finances are currently a bit off track, try not to lose hope as you are definitely not the first businessperson to encounter financial challenges. There are often several solution options; the key is knowing how to determine which option is most viable in your particular situation. 

Drug crime accusations needn't ruin your future

If you are charged with a crime or facing other serious crime-related allegations, you may be unsure of what to do. For many accused of a crime, it is their first time and they are left wondering what to expect and what steps to take in response. For those facing drug charges, a strong criminal defense strategy is advisable to prepare oneself against criminal charges. This defense will tell your side of the story and present an opposition to the views of the prosecution.

Not all criminal charges will result in a trial before a judge or jury. Some criminal accusations are dropped or may reach a plea agreement prior to that stage. At the Law Office of Gilbert B Vega, we know just how to handle all kinds of drug accusations and charges. Whether drug trafficking, possession or other similar charges, they can amount to anything from a misdemeanor to a felony and should be handled with care to ensure the best possible outcome for the accused.

Drug trafficking charges facing three Sacramento men

Working as part of a team can be a great way to work efficiently and achieve your goals. However, only teams that engage in legally acceptable behavior are worth being a part of. Recently, a group of Sacramento men were accused of co-conspiring in a drug trafficking scheme. They have officially been indicted in this alleged conspiracy and are facing several drug crimes.

A several months surveillance of the three men observed two of the men visiting the other at his home. During this stretch, authorities allege that the three men worked together to distribute cocaine, methamphetamine and other controlled substances from one man's Sacramento home. Upon a search of the home this month, authorities allege to have found an operation to convert cocaine to crack cocaine in the man's garage.

Breath test results can have many inaccuracies

When an officer stops a person's vehicle and suspects that he or she may be driving under the influence, that officer will likely conduct various tests to determine whether his or her suspicions may prove correct. This gathering of evidence may provide an officer with probable cause to take you or another driver into custody on charges of DUI.

While facing such allegations may be stressful, many elements could work in your favor when it comes to defending against the charges. For instance, the arresting officer may not have had reasonable suspicion to stop your car or probable cause to make the arrest. Additionally, if he or she did not conduct any field-testing correctly, that evidence may not hold up in court. One particular test that often comes under scrutiny during these cases is the breath test.

What is a discharge of debt in a personal bankruptcy filing?

It can be so easy to get over your head in terms of one's financial obligations. Between the cost of living, medical insurance, and everyday expenses, a person can get buried financially. While it is possible to slowly dig oneself out of debt, it's not always a realistic option. That's why bankruptcy solutions exist, to help those struggling under the weight of debt find financial freedom.

In personal bankruptcy, like in instances of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, is it possible to discharge debts? But, what does this mean, to discharge debts? The process of discharging debts can occur in Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings when a debtor is released from the personal liability of specific types of debts. In short, the debtor is no longer required to pay any debts that have been discharged.

Helping you assert a defense against drug charges

Facing a criminal charge is a stressful event. It can be shocking to an individual, as they cannot believe it just happened. It can also be overwhelming, as they are likely hearing viewpoints and opinions from various parties. It can be challenging to navigate this difficult time in life; however, it is possible to get through the criminal defense process by seeking legal assistance and guidance.

At the Law Office of Gilbert B. Vega, our law firm prides ourselves with the individualized attention we give each client. No two cases are the same, and our skilled legal team does not treat them the same. For individuals in the Sacramento area facing drug crimes, we are dedicated to helping you strategize a strong legal defense to help you reduce or even dismiss these charges against you.

Things you should know about field sobriety tests

Suppose you're driving along a California roadway and you notice a police car coming up behind you with flashing red and blue lights and a siren blaring. As obligated, you quickly find a spot where you can safely pull off the road, as you realize the officer is making a traffic stop. It may or may not be the first time you have been in such a situation. Either way, what you do and say in the next moments may greatly impact the outcome of your circumstances.

What should you do if the police officer approaches your driver's side window and asks you to step out of your car? If this happens, and you comply, the officer is detaining you. That means you are no longer free to leave the scene unless you have the officer's permission to do so. It also means you're entitled to legal representation before you answer any questions that may incriminate you if you later face DUI charges in court.

Dennis Rodman pleads guilty to DUI, gets probation

We may think celebrities lead charmed lives, and this may be true to some extent. However, celebrities aren't beyond the reach of the law. All cities and states have laws pertaining to DUI/DWI and intoxicated driving behaviors. Celebrity and former pro athlete, Dennis Rodman, was recently picked up in California and accused of DUI back in January.

At his trial and sentencing, he pleaded guilty. At the time of apprehension by California police, Rodman was initially pulled over for a traffic violation. At that time, the officer determined there was reason to believe that Rodman was impaired, and, although we do not know the details of his arrest, a sobriety test was requested, which he failed. He was sentenced to 3 months of probation after pleading guilty to two misdemeanors stemming from the DUI arrest.

Domestic assault charge likely requires quality criminal defense

Finding a way to cohabit with your spouse or significant other and live is peace is easier said than done. While there are reasons that drew that person to you, there are always differences in relationships. These differences can lead to disagreements and these can even become violent. If you have been involved in a domestic assault situation or if you are even accused of domestic assault, there could be ramifications that go beyond the four walls of your home.

These ramifications could be legal and even result in a criminal charge related to domestic assault. If you have children, these accusations could impact your relationship with them and your access to them. Often, those accused of a domestic assault may be in the middle of or are considering a divorce. A domestic assault conviction could impact those proceedings and any child custody arrangements between you and your spouse.

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