Discretion And Protection Against Sex Crime Charges

By the time you have been charged with a sex crime, you are already deep into the criminal justice system. Protecting your rights starts as soon as you know you are being investigated. When police question you, ask to search your property or arrest you and bring you into the station, make sure you assert your right to remain silent. The statements you make now can dramatically influence your case.

You Deserve Aggressive And Effective Defense

At the Law Office of Gilbert B. Vega, we recognize the severity with which law enforcement and prosecutors treat alleged sex offenders, even before they have been given a fair trial. Attorney Gilberto B. Vega has spent his career working hard for people who are struggling to preserve their reputation and rights.

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime like sexual assault or rape, or you think you may be the subject of an investigation, do not hesitate to contact our office in Sacramento, California. We represent criminal defense clients throughout Sacramento County and surrounding parts of Northern California.

Defense Against Sex Offender Registry In California

One of the most devastating and life-altering consequences of a sex crime conviction involves registering as a sex offender under Penal Code 290 PC (known as the Sex Offender Registration Act). Registered sex offenders must regularly update law enforcement as to their whereabouts. They must also disclose their registration status with different organizations, such as workplaces that may require working with children.

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